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Nature shows off its power and its beauty in Bodo, Northern Norway

The water is menacing. So dark that in places it appears black a sharp contrast to the dazzling blue sky with white clouds scudding hurriedly by. This is Saltstraumen, near the Norwegian town of Bodo, slightly south-east of the Arctic Circle and the strongest current in the world. Water speeds have been known to reach more than 40kms. But today, the current looksIMG_8251_2 almost playful with its elegant whirlpools and rows of jagged ruffles. Like teeth. The Saltstraumen is where the Skjerstadfjorden becomes to Saltfjorden. Dressed in our all-in-one protective suits and sitting astride the high powered rib-boat we ride backwards and forth through the channel. But the river gods are in benign mood today. Occasionally we can feel just barest tug of the tide,


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