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Happy world wildlife day from Mongolia with Przewalski’s Horses, the only surviving breed of wild horse

Some of the 300 Przewalski’s Horses, formerly extinct in the wild,  now roaming free in one of four special reserves set aside by the Mongolian government. By 1945 there were only 31 horses, all in captivity in two European zoos. However an internationally backed breeding program has resulted in herds now being released into protected areas in

Mongolia’s wild horses

AT first, as the bright, late-afternoon sun plays on the craggy hillsides and bleached boulders, it is hard to make out the horses, so well do they blend in.
Then gradually, as our eyes adjust to the sharp shadows, we can see them, a herd of about 40, several of the mares with foals by their sides.
These are Przewalski’s horses — takhi, the Mongolians call the breed — that were once thought extinct. But they are now back in the wild, thanks to an international conservation program.


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