The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango, amoral hero but a belting good read

the-truth-and-other-liesHenry Hayden is a hugely successful author. Rich, popular, generous and living an idyllic life in a mansion in the country with his wife while his publisher awaits his latest tome which he knows will be another mega seller. Only Henry isn’t exactly what he seems. To complicate matters, although he loves his wife, he’s been having an affair with his editor and she’s now pregnant.

Henry wants to do the right thing. But can’t exactly decide what that is. Then tragically his wife disappears in a freak swimming accident. The police are suspicious. And a mysterious person from his past suddenly appears on the scene. Is he about to reveal Henry’s dirty little secret? Should Henry come clean first? Can his crazy Serbian fisherman friend can do anything about it. Does he?

The Truth and Other Lives is the debut novel by German writer Sascha Arango who is well known in his native country as a screenplay writer, winning two top awards for his TV crime series Tatort. The big question is, should the reader dwell on the fact that Henry is a man with no morals who can lavish extraordinary generosity without a thought yet dole out death in the same heartbeat. Or should you just enjoy a belting good read?

The Truth and Other Lies is published by Text Publishing and Simon & Schuster. Sascha Arango is appearing at the Sydney Writers Festival  on Thursday May 21 at 4.30pm, Friday May 22 at 11.30 and Sunday May 24 at 11.30.



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