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Hidden oasis of quiet amongst the hurly burly of Kathmandu

IMG_4725Stepping through the discrete doorway cut into the high perimeter wall is to move from the cacophony of a city coming fully to life for one man’s Garden of Dreams that has become an oasis of quiet in bustling Kathmandu.

Even early in the morning people are already securing themselves one of the blossom-laden niches where they can sit and relax; read a paper, chat. Or just do nothing. Others are meandering slowly around the carefully laid out formal gardens stopping to IMG_4746IMG_4743appreciate a particular flower or marble ornament, the fountain or the reflection cast on the large ornate pond. A marble plaque is dedicated to the words of Omar Khayyam.

On the tiered lawn levels, more beige than green after weeks of grilling by the fierce Kathmandu sun, several couples are 


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