Wangechi Mutu

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Wangechi Mutu exhibition at MCA Sydney Australia

If you are in Sydney, Australia, before 15th August this year make absolutely certain you visit Wangechi Mutu’s  exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Even if you are  MulufacetofaceFoxnot an art lover, the MCA  is worth visiting,  located in the historic Rocks area and looking out on the bustling ferry terminal on the Harbour, directly opposite the iconic Opera House. A work of art on its own

Mutu, Kenyan-born, educated in England and America, now lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is making an international name  as one of the most exciting and influential contemporary African artists. The exhibition, curated by the MCA’s Rachel Kent, shows the breadth of Mutu’s works which focuses on gender, race, globalisation and the lingering often bloody impact of post-imperialistic Africa, primarily through the women’s cultural perspective.


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