Supermarket chic

To Ugg or not to Ugg. That is the question. Actually, that’s not the question. Ugg boots are positively haute couture. The real question is how daggy can you look and still make the foray to your local supermarket.

UK supermarket giant Tesco is giving the cold shoulder to shoppers who turn up looking more shabby than chic. Lowers the tone of the place don’t you know. The first obvious question is how the heck they’re going to police the ban. Will it be like those restaurants where they keep a supply of jackets and ties for those crass enough to arrive without one or the other?  Or perhaps they’ll have Supermarket Style Police on duty at the carpark entrance to issue theTesco Tick of Approval or bar your entry with a reinforced wire trolley.

Maybe the Brits will put up with such super supermarket snobbery but could it ever work here?

Picture the scenario. It’s late and its flippin’ freezing. There’s almost no bread and the kids finished off the milk and put the container back in the fridge so you didn’t notice until it was almost too late. A quick dash to the local supermarket will save the day. But you’ve already geared up for a night in wearing your winter best: baggy thermal long johns inside a pair of special-offer PJ bottoms, (the one sdecorated with lots of whimsical white sheep); your old school spencer inside the top half of the special-offer PJ top (with the one black fluffy sheep in the flock standing out proud on your left breast) and your padded sport socks inside his thick hiking socks.

Do you (a) stay home and encourage everyone to eat dry cereal and black coffee, (b) put your PJs back under your pillow and step out in style (c) shove your giant-sized feet into whatever footwear will fit, grab his padded Drizabone and hit the aisles or, for those who live on the Gold Coast, (d) book a hair appointment and pile on the bling.

No contest really. The answer is (c). With a couple of caveats. No hair curlers (bearing in mind that I can’t believe people actually still use these instruments of torture?) No shell jackets. Ever. No Doctor Who scarf. No comic strip flannel PJs (particularly Spider Man or My Little Pony) unless you are aged ten or less. No mittens. And no Shell jackets. Ever.

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