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Enjoy a Smorgasbord of adventure on land and water in Stockholm

GETTING AROUND: Stockholm is made up of a necklace of 14 islands linked by 54 bridges. But much of what’s popular with visitors lies in the neighbouring suburbs of Norrmalm, Ostermalm, Djurgarden, Sodermalm and Gamla Stan. Getting around is easy. Many attractions (including the beautiful waterfront area) are within walking distance of each other. There are good cycleways and an efficient bus and underground system and boats and ferries that offer cruises around the city or to nearby islands. Tip: Watch out for the funky art at many of the underground stations.

Saluhall, Stockholm’s food heaven

Without wishing to give the impression that my stomach was the only thing on my mind while visiting Stockholm  I have to make it clear that in the historic Ostermalms Saluhall there lies foodie heaven. This elegant market has about twenty traders, all leaders in their fields, who sell the most divine…

A lesson in the perfect smorgasbord at The Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The smorgasbord is practically the Swedish national dish, a cornucopia of all that is delicious in the freshest local food. But there is a science as well as an art to enjoying the gastronomic extravaganza. As we were seated at the Veranda restaurant at The Grand Hotel, Stockholm’s finest and one of the oldest, we were handed an elegant card, a sort of road map for the


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